Featuring NAD+ For Naturally Better Health

Featuring NAD+ For Naturally Better Health


Fortify 365 was born out of New Spring Wellness Center in the Lake of the Ozarks with the goal of educating on the benefits of NAD and ensuring anyone can incorporate this powerful coenzyme into their daily routine. 

Co-founders Chad and Katie Brewer have a very personal experience with NAD and hope their story, and their pure NAD+ supplement, will encourage others to see what NAD could do for them. 

For Chad, despite reaching career success and having a happy family life, he found himself battling alcoholism. He tried everything to overcome it without success until he learned about NAD treatment. While skeptical at first, Chad came out changed with a new mindset, and no urge or desire to drink. The incredible results led them to open New Spring Wellness Center, featuring NAD IV treatments, and successfully change the lives of hundreds of people.

Both Chad and Katie were (and still are) amazed that NAD treatment was not better known or more accessible. Not everyone needs NAD IV treatment, but everyone can benefit from replenishing their cells with NAD regularly. And so, Fortify 365 was born in order to provide the benefits of NAD in a daily sublingual supplement.